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Need To Know: New Hacks On GO Calendar Widget App On Android That Nobody Knows | Revealed.

The four books stack in a carousel that you can rotate by swiping up and down on the books. Once upon a time, that gesture was fine for this, but these days swiping up and down on your home screen usually opens the app drawer or the notification shade. This widget has potential, especially since it’s one of the newer Google widgets, but no matter how big you resize it, it’ll only hold one widget on the screen, which is a damn shame.

Clicking the “Show More” option allowed me to select the calendar and turn on the Sync option. I have shared my calendars with her, but they do not show up as options. When I did this, it took only a few seconds and all the calendars were showing.

Other Event Detail Options

You need to open it in the daily view to check those events listed on that day. For some Google Calendar is simple yet the best calendar app for android. Most of us might be using a calendar app to easily organize our day-to-day meetings, meetups, and events. All Android devices already have a comprehensive built-in stock app from Google that covers all the aspects necessary for a calendar app. However, most of the time users forgo opening the entire app, and instead just look at the on-screen widget to gain full insight about all their upcoming appointments. Alas, that’s where the stock apps lack in looks and innovation.

  • I could have sworn that this widget had a dark mode, the app is dark but the widget is still white.
  • Also, it incorporates a category-specific filter that allows you to pull from one given category instead of the full events list.
  • First, it searches your calendar data to find a time that suits you, removing the excuse that you don’t have time to work out or practice your Spanish verbs.
  • One of the many unique elements about the Android operating system is the ability to use widgets — shortcuts on your home screen — to instantly access information and functions.
  • The app visualizes what the music and video player apps provides them.
  • Finally, you can change the time zone of the event.

Put the most important words first and try to keep the title to no more than two or three words. Select the plus icon in the bottom right corner, and you won’t get the choice of events, goals, or reminders that Google Calendar offers. You’ll be straight into the creation of an event. Although all data-based personalization can feel a little creepy, these examples sound useful. When your Samsung devices see rain in the weather app on a cold fall day, a suggestion to play some Satie could be welcome.

Google Calendar 5 6.2 Adds A Month View Homescreen Widget

As a data collection service, it allows you to collect user data such as names, email addresses, locations, and more. The comprehensive calendar solution you never knew you needed. CalendarX is anembeddable calendar, a subscription calendar, and a data collection service all rolled into one.

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