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How to Write an Informative Essay

hello and welcome to my English language arts classroom I’m excited to start a new unit with you on essay writing and I know the thought of essay of writing an essay makes you want to roll up in the fetal position and cry but trust me I’m going to try to make this process as painless as possible alright let’s begin so for different situations we’re going to need to know what kind of writing is best so anyway about three different kinds of read of essays the first is the informative essay and let’s use to educate on a certain topic just giving the facts you can give your opinion or try to convince one of something through the persuasive essay and last but not least negative essays are more creative and are used to tell a story so today we’re going to focus on your form of essay and as I said before you write an informative essay in order to explore on the topic you take on the role of the teacher or expert for general audience that you assume is unfamiliar with your topic so before you begin writing your essay you have to pick a topic that you think is important and that your readers could benefit in knowing them then you’re going to do research on that topic and that can include going to the library or researching online and as you gather more and more information on a topic the easier it will be to write your informative essay now after you’ve researched you can take all of your information and organize it into an outline where you will plan out what you’re going to write in each paragraph now this can seem like a really tedious process and some of you are going to want to try to maybe skip it and just go straight into writing essay but it’s so important to remember that the more prep work you do before you write your essay the easier it is it’s going to be to let your essay so it’s better to do more work in the beginning so that writing essay goes more smoothly so now it’s the structure of your essay so the beginning of the essay needs to present the topic that you chose it needs to grab the attention of the audience it needs to include your thesis statement which is a sentence that kind of sets up the focus for the rest of your writing the middle of your essay will be the main bulk of the essay we are going to inform your audience of the who what where when why and how of your topic when you finish and then you will finish it with a conclusion we’re going to summarize your essay and this summary or conclusion catch it’s kind of spark your audience’s interest to just kind of main research more do some more research on the topic that you wrote about and it shouldn’t just kind of be like okay I’m ready to be done type of summarization but it should still be interesting and engaging with your audience and last but not least you need to remember to edit your essay when you’re done like I said before if Megan Allen it can be easy to try to kind of skip this part but it’s so important to have just a clean and polished essay which will happen through editing once you’re done writing it so some common mistakes to try to avoid when writing your essay the first is that you need to remember that this is a formal essay don’t use informal language your audience will lose respect for your expertise if you don’t use proper language and grammar remember that you’re coming to them with the blessing with expertise on this topic and if you use improper grammar or just language that is not very formal they’re not going to really trust what you’re writing about your topic so it’s important to remember that number two you remember that you’re simply getting information about a topic they’re not trying to persuade anyone so you should try not to include personal opinions or kind of debates in your writing that’s going to go more into our persuasive writing which we talk about later and last but not least remember that your essay needs to be interesting as well as informative it’s gonna be hard to do if you believe your topic is boring are not important that’s why it’s so important to choose a topic that you’ll really passionate about alright so if a class tomorrow we’re going to start creating an outline for an informative essay that we’re going to write and I’m going to lead you through the process so you don’t have to be nervous and so for tomorrow start thinking about a topic that you would like to write about this topic can be something you know a lot about or something you know nothing about just make sure you’re interested in it all right well I’ll see you guys tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear the topics that you guys just write about bye created using powtoon

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