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Having said that, this is actually the basic eligibility requirements you will want to satisfy getting a loan that is short-term

Having said that, this is actually the basic eligibility requirements you will want to satisfy getting a loan that is short-term

Eligibility Criteria for Short-Term Loans. The eligibility requirements that you’ll need certainly to satisfy to avail a short-term loan will differ notably from lender to lender.

  • You truly must be a resident of India.
  • You have to either be a salaried worker or perhaps a self-employed individual/business owner.
  • You need to be over 18 years.
  • A savings should be had by you banking account.
  • You need to make a living with a minimum of Rs.15,000 approx.
  • You should have a work experience of at least 2 years if you are a salaried employee.
  • Year if you are a business owner, your business should be at least over 1.

*Note: take into account that the statements that are above-mentioned indicative. You should look at the eligibility requirements specified by the loan provider before using for a financial loan.

Papers Required

The papers that you’ll need certainly to submit whenever obtaining a loan that is short-term the following:

  • PAN Card
  • Evidence of Income: Salary slips for the newest a few months
  • Evidence of Residence: leasing contract, Passport, Landline bill, Post-paid mobile bill, Bank declaration
  • Evidence of Identification: Driver’s license, Aadhaar is loanmart loans legit, Voter ID, Passport
  • Evidence of Age: Driver’s license, PAN card, Passport
  • Bank statements the past six months
  • Evidence of Employment: provide letter, Form 16, Relieving letter
  • Passport-size photographs

*Note: This is a generalised range of papers that you might be expected to submit whenever trying to get a short-term loan.

Features and Advantages Of Short-Term Loans

  • Short-term loans are often disbursed quite quickly.
  • Short-term loans could be availed by salaried people, self-employed people, and companies, in line with the lender’s terms and conditions.
  • Many loan providers whom provide short-term loans enable candidates to submit the necessary documents through online stations, therefore making the deal totally paperless.
  • The EMI payment plans are set bearing in mind the repayment capability of each and every debtor.
  • Year short-term loans are customisable since borrowers can opt for a loan amount of their choice for a tenure as per their requirements, provided it doesn’t exceed a tenure of 1.
  • The overall amount that you will have to pay as the interest may be lower since the loan tenure is quite short although the interest rate charged for short-term loans may be higher than that of regular personal loans.


This will be determined by your loan provider. Having said that, specific loan providers may provide short-term loans to people who have credit that is low, aswell.

Am I going to have to make arrangements for the guarantor to obtain my short-term loan authorized?

This can change from lender to lender. Nevertheless, almost certainly, you shall not require a guarantor for the application for the loan become authorized.

Do i have to furnish a security or a protection for my short-term loan application?

No, short-term loans usually are short term loans. Specific loan providers, but, will give you a reduced interest in the event that you supply a security or protection during the period of using the loan.

How long may I decide to try repay a loan that is short-term?

A short-term loan needs become typically paid back within one year. The repayment duration will rely on your loan provider while the tenure you like.

Could I expand my payment deadline?

You will have to repay the due quantity within the date specified by the loan provider. Failure to do this may attract a penalty. Specific loan providers, but, do provide an elegance duration for payment associated with the EMI.

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